Best Juul Pods and Vaping in Dubai, UAE

Unless you have been living under a rock as an avid vaper, the vape stick setting standards is none other than Juul. This information is very useful for beginners through professionals who are aware of which pod shows on one pod. In this Juul Brand Review, we dive into the offerings of our Chicago favorite that made its way to Dubai, UAE. If you are looking for a variety in flavors, where can you buy these, and why exactly is Juul taking over the global vape market.

What is Juul?

Juul is a user-friendly e-cigarette brand hailing from the US. Juul has gone on to huge success and widespread popularity thanks in part to its slick looks and easy-to-use pod system. Beloved by those who like a stealth vape and satisfying vaping experience.

Juul Pods: The Heart and Soul of the Experience

The real draw to Juul is its pods, which come as pre-filled cartridges sold in a variety of nicotine concentrations and flavors. Juul pods are designed for easy installation without the need to manually fill a pod when swapping it out.

Top Juul Flavors

Special packages for selections of four different flavors are designed and tested to specifically satisfy the palate in each vapor’s taste buds.

Where to Get Juul in Dubai, UAE

Visit one of the many vape shops located around town like Dubai Mall, the Emirates, or even online retailers such as Vape Dubai and UAE Vape Store for an extensive range of Juul products.

Juul 2 and Beyond: The Future of Vaping

The recent model, Juul 2, has a longer battery life expectancy than the original. This praiseworthy change shows a real commitment to customer experience and paves the way for others in vaping.

Where to Find Juul Pods Near You

Dubai Vape Monkey and Dubai Vapers have all flavors of Juuls in different nicotine levels.

Dubai Mall for major malls.

Juul Vape Price

Estimated retail prices of some Juul devices and pods from various online merchants:

Juul Starter kit (device): AED 110 – AED 150

Juul Basic Kit (Device + Charger): AED 110 – AED 150

Juul Device (Device only): AED 75 – AED 90

Juul Pods (4-pack): AED 60 – AED 80

Juul Pods (2-pack): AED 30 – AED 45

Juul Pods (1 Pod): AED 15 – AED 25

Juul Device + Pods Combo: AED 150 – AED 200

Juul Starter Kit + 4-pack Pods Bundle: AED 150 – AED 200

Juul Device + Charger + 2-pack Pods Bundle: AED 130 – AED 170

Juul Device + Charger + 4-pack Pods Bundle: AED 170 – AED 220

Prices may vary slightly depending on location, retailer, and any promotions you get at the time of order.

With its sleek design, wide array of tastes, and convenient availability throughout Dubai, UAE, Juul is a beauty celebrating innovation in the world of vaping. If you just found out about Juul or if our product is a necessity to your selection, its availability and variety offers everybody the custom vaping experience. Become part of Juul locals and see why it is still the best choice in Dubai.


Q: Do Juul pods come in different nicotine strengths?

A: Juul pods have different strengths of nicotine in them. Many of these include strengths such as 5% nicotine by weight (59 mg/mL) for a stronger hit, and lower options like 3% nicotine by weight (35 mg/mL).

Q: How much is in one hit Juul pod?

A:On average, you’ll find that a slightly used Juul pod has about 200-250 puffs on it. One of these pods can be consumed really quickly depending on how each person uses it.

Q: Where can I get information about the Juul device warranty?

A:Juul devices, for the most part, will provide a limited warranty regarding components and labor only under usual circumstances. For additional information and warranty specifics, visit the Juul website or contact them directly

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